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AW: can't enter into gnome interface

Title: AW: can't enter into gnome interface

Hm? I wrote to the list some hours, days?! ago, since I'm unable to move the mouse cursor when startup ends with GDM3 as login manager.
This issue started before there were the xserver upgrades.

Since I'm missing some "names" for the replies to the list, I suspect that several users got issues caused by the latest testing upgrades.

I'm booted to Suse now and I'm writing using my providers Windoof-exchange-thingy.

At least Debian testing seems to be broken at the moment.

I don't restore from a backup, I don't repair anything, I'll wait for new upgrades.

- Ralf

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Betreff: can't enter into gnome interface


after updating this morning, including xserver-xorg-core, fglrx-driver
etc. wheezy one

I can't enter into interface.
and the fan running crazy with a  black screen.

How do I solve it,

do I miss some package,


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