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Re: system menu gone on wheezy+gnome 2

David Zelinsky <dzpost@dedekind.net> writes:

>> For me it sounds more like a gnome3 fallback mode as whole gnome2 has
>> been replaced in testing already.
>> And if I'm correct everything is ok, those menus aren't there anymore.
> About GNOME (which _is_ still in the System menu) says it's 2.30.  I
> might not mind if it were a whole new system with other places to find
> important things (like Preferences), but all seems to be exactly as it
> was, but without Preferences or Administration menus.

OK, I spoke too soon.  I just did a dist-upgrade and got switched over
to gnome 3.  What a mess!  I'll have to play with this a bit before
posting an inevitable cry for help.


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