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Re: Grub-PC menu additions.

On Sat, 26 Nov 2011 20:08:27 +1000, Weaver wrote:

> I've been trying to include an install of PC-BSDs RC2 into the grub
> start up menu.
> Initially I installed it on /dev/sda but when it didn't pick up the two
> Debian installs, on the slave drive, and include them in the BSD boot
> menu, I reversed the drives, uninstalled and reinstalled grub-pc which
> recognised all installs . During the reinstall, the two Debian installs
> and Memtest86+ are picked up and included in the boot menu, but even
> though the 'unidentified linux install' on /dev/sdb is recognised,
> nothing registers on the Debian grub-pc boot menu.

Did you try with "os-prober"?

> I have tried including two recommended boot entries for grub-pc,
> supplied by the PC-BSD handbook and their wiki, but nothing works. The
> menu entries in grub.config stay there after saving, I run update-grub
> afterward to get them registered, but still nothing in the grub boot
> menu.


Are you sure you are booting with the GRUB2 you are editing? :-?



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