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Occupy 'em some Debian.  ;)

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From: "giovanni_re" <john_re@fastmail.us>
To: "Mehma Sarja" <mehmasarja@gmail.com>, "volunteers@lists.svlug.org"
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2011 23:53:31 -0800
Subject: [volunteers] HowTo  Re:  Occupy Linux

Hi Mehma  :)

Your jobs are:

1) Post this message to the main svlug list.

2) Go to an occupy site to make some friends, and see what it's all

3) Help out as you can.

4) Tell us:  Which location will you invite us to, and when?

They are needing just what you suggested:

" Occupy San Francisco Top Needs

    Shelter (Tents, Canopies, or Tarps)
    Warmth (Sleeping bags, blankets, and weather resistant clothing)
    Power (XP 18000 Energizer packs (4x) and long term alternative)
    Technology (Laptops)
    Infrastructure (Milk crates, shelves, tables, chairs, plastic
    pallets, and sand bags)

6.  And your participation!
Occupy San Francisco is receiving hundreds of emails each day with
people asking how they can get involved. The different ways to
participate in this occupation are limitless.
Bring your skills and ambitions to create a better world as part of our
budding democracy. Come and decide how you can best participate directly
on the ground or within our huge network of support. Come meet us! Then
we can all be friends!

    We need our 99% to come out and organize, communicate, join
    committees, and occupy.

Community starts on the ground and the best support you can provide is
to be with us, communicating directly, and exercising our consensus
decision-making power together!

Join us!

The biggest part of our Occupation is to have people consistently on the
ground, relieving our tired occupiers to keep the movement successful
and invigorated. 

Please bring your skills and knowledge to share with us! We want
teachers to host free workshops, experts to come share skills, and
project-oriented folks to help us build our occupational infrastructure
and broaden our own degree of skill sets.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Find your local group:

See the:

So, Mehma,
1) Post this to the SVLUG general/main email list.
2)  Tell us:  Which location will you invite us to, and when?

On Fri, 25 Nov 2011 18:56:46 -0800, "Mehma Sarja" <mehmasarja@gmail.com>
> If the Occupy participants are shown the Linux desktop and the freedom 
> it represents, it would be one way that they can protest by ditching 
> proprietary OSes. A silent, legal and lasting action on the part of a 
> non-techie... imagine the possibilities. I am guessing, but a Linux 
> installfest attracts people who want to try the OS. The challenge lies 
> in "taking the mountain to Muhammad" and introducing the OS to people 
> who may not come to an installfest. To take the OS to people who can see 
> the promise it holds and spread the message. We could Gimp a rendering 
> of Moses and superimpose him carrying a couple of laptops with penguin 
> logos. We can call it project Hallelujah!
> I have a dozen or so Neoware thin clients with 128 MB flash on which a 
> Slitaz.org distro can be installed and runs nicely in 512 MB RAM. We 
> could setup demos and help people install on their machines. We can 
> donate the thin clients and see what happens.
> Anyone up to the risk?
> Yudhvir

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