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Re: KVM networking.

>>Personally, I'd rather run up a bridge and use the libvirt tools to run
>>my VM for me (avoids giving root rights to a user, but allows the guest
>>to run with the necessary root network privs).

Sthu Deus <sthu.deus@gmail.com> wrote:
> Libvirt is a new thing to me. Do You suggest the bin package  or the
> GUI for launching VMs?

There are two parts:

1. The back-end stuff that actually controls, manages, and configures
the VMs. On debian this is libvirt-bin. This also includes the command
line manager, "virsh".

2. The front-end GUI stuff that allows you to view, configure, and manage
the VMs. On debian this is virt-manager.

The GUI can run on a different box to the back-end libvirt, but the
connection gets a little fiddly to define. In my case I run libvirt-bin
on the "big" VM host servers and the GUI on my laptop. I use ssh to
manage the connections to the servers (fiddly but effective) rather than
going down the SASL route. You may find it somewhat easier as you'll be
running your VM on the same system as the GUI.


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