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Re: Default applications in Gnome 3 not respected

On Tue, 15 Nov 2011 23:29:03 +0100, Steven wrote:


> I have a 'launch media player' key on my keyboard, which should launch
> my default music player. 

Run "xev" and press that key to see what triggers. 

Maybe what your keyboard understands for "media player" is not an "audio 
player" but a more generic mulmedia player (totem is capable of running 
video and audio tracks while rhythmbox only audio).

> When pressed I was kind of surprised it launched totem instead of
> rhythmbox. I went into the system settings, found the 'default
> applications' tucked away under 'system info' (weird place btw), then
> changed them. However when pressing that key, it is still totem that
> gets launched, even after logging out and back in again.
> Does anyone have a similar problem? Preferably with a solution of
> course.

I don't have such special key in my keyboard but I would try this:

>From "System info", set "rhythmbox" as default application for both, 
music and video, and see if that works. 

If it works, that could mean that your "launch media player" key is 
associated to the default video player application from your system, so 
I'm afraid you will have to manually edit the keycode to instruct your 
key to launch the audio player instead.

If it neither works, we'll have to start looking into another place :-)



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