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Re: can I safelly remove gnome ?

--- On Mon, 11/14/11, Joao Ferreira Gmail <joao.miguel.c.ferreira@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm going to start using xfce4.
> Can I safelly "apt-get remove/purge gnome"

Short answer:  No.

It will break your system to remove/purge the gnome meta-package.  Even uninstalling the gnome packages individually will cause problems.

> Or should I expect any side impacts ?

Yes.  Many.

> Has anyone done this before ?

Yes.  Tried and failed, even after doing much research on the matter.  Better to just install XFCE leaving GNOME alone, and make XFCE the default GUI environment.

If you really need your system completely GNOME free, a clean install is the easiest and best way, if not the only way.  This is what I had to do with an old Thinkpad 240X notebook a few years ago.  Initially, installed Debian Sarge with XFCE, then upgraded to Etch after it was released.  However, if you install any GNOME apps or utilities, even one, most of the GNOME base files will be installed as a dependency.


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