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Re: can I safelly remove gnome ?

On 14/11/11 11:19, Joao Ferreira Gmail wrote:
Hello all,

I'm going to start using xfce4.

Can I safelly "apt-get remove/purge gnome"

Or should I expect any side impacts ?

Depends on what you call 'safely' and on what you are going to remove (gnome is actually dozens of pakcages). Side effects will be all of those not-so-evidetlty-related-to-gnome packages which you might remove and which are doing important stuff on your system, for example gdm3, network manager, gedit etc. Policykit stuff probably

Has anyone done this before ?

Yes I did it. Although I don't think just purging gnome tout-court has any motive if not experimental/learning. The best option would probably be fresh install with xfce4. Anyway after removing most gnome-related packages I installed xdm and slim as replacement to gdm, had to fiddle wit various low-level system files to get gui shutdown/reboot working and mount usb disks as users. I am still currently unable to manage network-manager through the nm-applet as user. Lots of information is available on-line and in other community supported channels (email, IRC), you just have to be patient enough to search for it and experiment.

IMHO only do this if:
- you have a backup of your important files
- you are confident enough to work from console only (i.e. desktop environment un-bootable, possibly wifi not working so maybe better with fixed network connection)
- are not in the middle of the most important project of your life :)


thank you

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