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Re: GNOME 3 Alt-Tab takes two hands now?

Kevin Ross (kevin@familyross.net on 2011-11-13 19:38 -0800):
> If you have two windows open for the same application, the Alt-Tab
> popup combines them into a single icon.  To switch between windows of
> the same application, you have to hit the down arrow while the popup
> is up.  So you have to hit Alt-Tab, and while holding down the Alt
> key, hit the down arrow, then hit Tab multiple times to get to the
> window you want.
You want Alt-Tick (the button above Tab)

> Really?  This is an improvement?
Meh. For me the more important issue is that the ordering seems random.
I'm used to having my applications ordered in LRU-style (so pressing
alt-tab gives me my previous application, twice the one before that
etc). That's no longer true in G3.


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