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Re: GNOME3 Ugh! Reverted to XFCE4

Patrick Wiseman wrote:
Hi, all:

What an appalling piece of crap is GNOME3!  (IMNSHO anyway.)  So I
installed xfce4 (the metapackage which installs all the basics and
some extras).  Xfce session then shows up as an option on the login
screen.  When I logged in, the new Xfce panel asked me if I wanted to
migrate from an old setup (I had used xfce4 a long time ago) and so I
did that, and my old familiar desktop is restored.

Perhaps others who dislike GNOME3 (does anyone not??) would like to
try Xfce4.  I always liked it, especially on a machine with low
resources.  That's no longer my situation, but I prefer its lean look
and footprint.

Exactly what I did. Playing with xfce4-wmdock-plugin as we speak.


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