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Re: Adobe flash is dead

Celejar wrote:
> Michael P. Soulier wrote:
> > Celejar said:
> > > And of course, there's always youtube-dl, cclive, etc.
> > 
> > when they work...
> > 
> > fetch config ...done.
> > verify video link ...error: libquvi: server returned http/404
> Beats me - they usually work for me (I usually use youtube-dl), except
> for when YouTube changes the site, and then it can take a bit for them
> to be updated for the new layout.
> > I get that for cclive on every url...
> > 
> > and I don't see youtube-dl packaged for squeeze.

Since youtube.com changes their format too often for stable releases
it is really problematic for some tools like youtube-dl to be packaged
in Stable.  I think it would do much better if it were released in
squeeze-updates (the new volatile).  But it isn't.  I wish it were.

Because of this I always use the youtube-dl from Sid.  It is a script.
It only depends upon ffmpeg being installed.  It runs just fine on
Stable for me so far.  YMMV.  But I use the Sid script on all of my
Squeeze machines.  I update it as needed when youtube.com changes and
breaks the downloader.


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