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GRUB: "error incompatible license. Entering rescue mode..."


Yesterday I created an empty guest system on a VMware Host, bootet it with
a GRML CD, copied over a running system and installed a boot loader using

When rebooting this newly cloned guest system I got the following error:

	GRUB loading.
	Welcome to GRUB!

	error: incompatible license.
	Entering rescue mode...
	grub rescue>

I felt a bit baffled and had no clue so I rebooted GRML again, and this time
ran the grub-install after doing a chroot into the cloned system. That worked.

Still, I'm wondering where this "incompatible license" error comes from.
I cannot find it in the current GRUB2 source code. Has it anything to do
with VMware? Google shows a couple of hits for this message but no real
answer to where there should be a license issue.

Any ideas?



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