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Re: emacs RMAIL -- help needed

Sian Mountbatten <poenikatu@operamail.com> writes:

> Why was Opera denied? Will there be a log anywhere? The *Messages*
> buffer contains nothing about trying to connect to my imap server.

,----[ (info "(gnus)Debugging IMAP") ]
| 6.5.6 Debugging IMAP
| --------------------
| [...]
|    Because the protocol dump, when enabled, generates lots of data, it
| is disabled by default.  You can enable it by setting `imap-log' as
| follows:
|      (setq imap-log t)
|    This instructs the `imap.el' package to log any exchanges with the
| server.  The log is stored in the buffer `*imap-log*'.  Look for error
| messages, which sometimes are tagged with the keyword `BAD'--but when
| submitting a bug, make sure to include all the data.


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