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Re: debian-user archive

On Ma, 08 nov 11, 17:12:37, Richard wrote:
> Hi Andrei
> I have two mail accounts, Virgin ( gmail) and freeparking which is POP3,
> I don't want to use the POP mail for this list due to the volume of mail, so the only way around it for
> this list is to BCC myself.
> This is the only list I have problems with, so it must be something in the headers that gmail doesn't
> like.
> -- 
> Best wishes / 73
> Richard Bown
> e-mail: richard@g8jvm.com   or   richard.bown@blueyonder.co.uk

Hmm, could you please elaborate on your setup? Which e-mail address is 
hosted where and which one you use to post and which one to receive. 
Also, have you looked in spam folders?

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