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Re: Re (2): Using a Fire-i camera

On Mon, 07 Nov 2011 10:26:42 -0800, peasthope wrote:

> From:	Camaleon <noelamac@gmail.com>
> Date:	Mon, 07 Nov 2011 17:32:22 +0000 (UTC)
>> Shouldn't this firewire camera be detected under "/dev/raw1394" or
>> something like that? :-?
> Perhaps, although Coriander insists on /dev/video{0,1, ...}. It should
> know.

I would carefully read Coriander manual web page:


And more specifically at "Software requirements / Linux Kernel and 
devices" section.

And now I recall... I think the raw1394 interface was removed from Debian 
kernel time ago, but I don't know what's its current status nor how this 
finally affects Coriander, maybe you need to manually build/enable those 
kernel modules again >:-?
> Any ideas to find more information?  The last message in
> http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=coriander-user
> was in January 2011.  I would have expected it to be an active list.

Coriander seems to be a bit outdated (2007?), but you can read some 
literature here:

coriander: crashes on every invocation

(look at the first message, what's that "juju" firewire stack the user 
mentions? :-?)




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