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Re: Debian install , need to add wireless firmware

> I have no cd's no usb keys and im using the installer from google
> goodbye microsoft. I can't install from network because it can't
> detect my wireless card.  I have the firmware on my win XP partition
> but have no idea how to get it to the installer.

Sorry, when I responded, I overlooked that you don't have removable
media.  In that case, perhaps putting the non-free firmware packages
unto your Win-XP partition would do the trick.  So, as I mentioned, go


From here, get the compressed non-free firmware packages, decompress
it on your XP partition (which will result in several non-free
firmware Debian packages there) and then run the installer.  Hopefully
the installer will search your XP partition, find the Debian packages
there, install them, and set up wireless for the rest of the


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