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question: building a live-dvd

Hi list,

I want to learn, how to build a live-system of debian. I already read some 
manuals, but still I have a question for my specual needs. 

Which is the better solution for my purposes? Bootcdwrite? Live-builder?

My special wishes:

1. My source is an already installed and configured debian system.

2. I added some extra files (i.e. my own wordlist or third-party-packages), 
which shall be added to the live-cd, too

3. Some directories shall not apppear at the livesystem (i.e. /var/log, 
history, /home/user/)

4. The finished live-cd shall be installable.

5. If possible (but that is not much important!), the working user of the 
source system shall not appear on the live system.

At the moment I am happy with bootcdwrite using my own bootcdwrite.conf, but 
do you think, live-builder might be better for my puposes? At the moment the 
ISO-image is now 3GB big, so it will fit on a DVD.

Will be happy for any feedback.

Best regards



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