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Re: Nano in squeeze: fill doesn't work

Eric d'Halibut,  4.11.2011:
> I just dist-upgraded from lenny to squeeze and find that nano, my
> editor-of-choice for use with mutt, no longer honors its .nanorc file:
> set autoindent
> set cut
> set fill 68
> set multibuffer
> set smarthome
> set speller /usr/bin/ispell
> set tabsize 4
> set tabstospaces
> set tempfile
> "set fill 68" appears to have no effect. I have to "manually" hit
> Ctrl-J to get lines to wrap.
> Thoughts, anyone?

I have the same behavior on sid.  It gets "fixed" by adding

unset nowrap

to the .nanorc file.

BTW, I have to thank you because I also use nano in mutt and had been
annoyed by this no-line-wrapping behavior, though not enough to look 
around for how to manipulate it. :) 

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