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Re: Cantenna and satellite network link

On 11/04/2011 07:31 PM, jatos.software@gmail.com wrote:

I am thinking of linking two buildings using two cantenna/satellite pairs.

Anyone ever tried, and know what range I might get using TP-Link (atheros) extended range devices? I need to bridge a 2 mile line of sight.

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1. "Cantenna" is a trade-name of Heathkit for an RF dummy load in a paint can filled with transformer oil.

2. What you're trying to do is done routinely at 2.4 GHz, using
spread-spectrum technology, where 1 Watt transmitter power is permitted when spread spectrum is being used. I think ranges up to about 10 miles
can be achieved; 2 miles should be no problem. The usual antennas are
Yagis of up to 13 elements, and it would seem that vertical polarization is the norm, altho it wouldn't have to be. Just be sure that both antennas are in the same orientation, and have a clear line-of-sight to each other, without any vegetation (trees, etc.) in the path. Obviously, they must point to each other. If there is an obstacle in the path, it may be possible to bounce the signals off of some large object that is visible to both sites, like a water tower. One problem: in heavy rain, there may be link outages. I do not have any specific experience with this system in the rain.

3. I'm not familiar with the Atheros system.  Google for spread-spectrum
radio-frequency data link technology to find the system I have described above.

--doug, WA2SAY (retired RF engineer)

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