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Network Connection issue

I recently installed a new D-Link DGE-530T 10/100/1000 Gigabit Desktop PCI Adapter card to connect to the internet. It was originally not recognized as there was not a driver available in debian. A new firmware-realtek update installed the driver but I had also installed another 'recognized' 3-com card, just to get the system to work. After I upgraded the driver , Debian did find the new card & set it up as eth1 while the 3-com card which worked was at eth0. As I am not well versed in this area of hardware, I just ignored the issue. I decided to try to get my system to use the new card today so I went into the box & removed the 3-com card, leaving only the D-Link card connected. Well, I was back where I started. Now my system will not connect to the network, & the router that supplies the connection will not see the card. I KNOW the card and connection are OK as the system boots into Windows7 pro and works fine. It does not work on Linux Mint Julia or Ubuntu either even though I have gone in & set the Eth0 connection to the correct intranet address & the MAC address of the card (which I got from the router interface, while Windows was booted).
Now I want to know how to get Linux to reset the network configuration. The router issues the address via DHCP for this card. If there are files I can edit to get it working &/or test the driver to see if it works. It has been years since I had to manually configure a ethernet adapter card, & I am trying to make it as simple as possible. I have Webmin installed along with the gnome tools for network mgmt. None of these seem to get the card to be seen by the kernel.

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