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Re: Getting sound working

On 02/11/11 00:54, Harry Putnam wrote:
> Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> writes:

>> Kind of...
> Try again, I've put an unreduced image of just the bottom and a little
> of the screen... full width.
>   www.jtan.com/~reader/vu/disp.cgi

Thanks (that I could see)

>> What's the icon between klipper and the clock??:-
>> http://ge.tt/8FfYhP9/v/0
> Its the little carrot thing that toggles the show hidden icons

The "Hide Icons Icon" :-)
*That* is part of the System Tray
> Behind it are:
>  Desktop Notifier
>  Desktop sharing
>  KOrganizer Reminder Daemon

Should be Device Notifier as well.

Right-click it to get to the "System Tray Settings" - drill down from
there to enable hiding/unhiding icons.


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