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Re: Problem in trying to boot system

On Tue, 01 Nov 2011 19:13:07 +1100, bret wrote:

>   Our mailserver will no longer boot.


>   The boot sequence fails, and,  I get
>   "
>   cramfs: wrong magic
>   Directory1: bad FAT
>   Filesystem panic (dev 03:01)
>   FAT error
>   Does this mean that the FAT is stuffed?

So it seems, the FAT file system structure or the floppy disk itself 
(they last long, but not forever).
>   Can the system and the data be recovered?

I would try to replace the floppy disk by another one and see how it goes.

>   The system had to be booted via a FDD, each time the system needed
>   booting.
>   The system is Debian 4.


>   I have Debian Woody (don't know what version number that is) and
>   Debian 5 and Debian 6 on CD (CD1 of each; 7CD set for "Woody"), but do
>   not know whether I can do anything with them.

I'd first try to solve the most immediate problem to get the system up 
and running again and then reconsider updating (with time and calm to 
make a smooth transition).

>   The optical drive on the computer, is a CD drive; it is an HP Vectra
>   server, at least 10 years old.

Give that Vectra my bigguest congratulations, what a machine! :-)



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