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Re: using kernel 3.0.1+

On Tue, 01 Nov 2011 18:44:41 +1000, yudi v wrote:

> I will be getting a new desktop with intel i5 2500k CPU, it's got an
> integrated GPU, I would like to install debian but read that the i5 GPU
> works without any issues only with the latest kernel.

I would first try with the stock kernel and see how it goes.

> Now I always use the stable version of Debian. I have never used sid. I
> would like to know how to install Debian stable with the latest kernel.

If you are running the stable branch, you can use a backported kernel or 
you can compile a new kernel by your own. 

Both things are very easy to achive in Debian but the backported kernel 
option won't fit your requirements as now is 2.6.39 so you will have to 
compile :-)

I followed these instructions and worked like a charm though I had to do 
some "minors" adjustments:

8.6. Compiling a New Kernel



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