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Re: Sharing files on a local network

On Sun, Oct 23, 2011 at 04:39:28PM BST, Claudius Hubig wrote:
> >SSH (Secure Shell) - you don't need security on home-only network.
> That at least explains the millions of bots out there. Of course you
> need security on a home-only network, even if it is not accessible
> from the internet. And given that at least the Debian box appears to
> have direct internet access, you should definitely care about
> security, especially since IPv6 is not years away anymore.

You don't need security on your LAN interface. Never had I mentioned
that you shouldn't have firewall on your WAN interface.
Your WAN should be your firewall and if that's not sufficient enough
then there's something wrong with your network setup.
Obviously by not needing security I didn't mean not securing your medium
and having, e.g. unencrypted wifi.

> Of course, and you don’t have to set up that NFS share at all, it
> simply appears? Please, be realistic. SSHFS is as simple as:

Do I really need to mention that you still need to set something up?
Nothing works without any minimal configuration. Please, be realistic.

> client:# apt-get install sshfs
> server:# apt-get install sshd
> client:# sshfs user@server:/dir /mountpoint

That's exactly what I meant - mount per user rather than per system.
It's good for users accessing their files, not necessarily for file
sharing which the user mentioned.
With NFS mounts you depend on the filesystem permissions and ACLs or
you can kerberise it, you don't need user accounts on the server.


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