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Choppy video

I'm trying to watch www.ctv.ca from a macbook pro (2GHz dual core with
ATI graphics) and am having problems where the video is going slow (I'd
estimate around 5fps).  This is using Debian testing with the nonfree
Adobe flash player ("obviously" since gnash doesn't even display any
video at all).  The audio is fine, OTOH.

`top' says that most of the CPU time (around 130%) is used by
"plugin-container", so I'd guess the video thread using 100% of one core
and the rest (e.g. audio thread) using the remaining 30% of the
other core.

While the machine is not brand new, it's not that slow and under Mac OS
X it renders the video just fine, so I suspect there's a software
problem, or maybe some video hardware acceleration whose driver
is missing?

Does anyone has an idea of what might be going on, what I might try to
fix it, or at least how to try and figure out what is going on
(e.g. how to find out which codec is being used, for a start)?


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