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Re: Equivalencing usernames/ids across computers

On 14/10/11 16:22, Camaleón wrote:
On Fri, 14 Oct 2011 13:34:20 +0200, Tony van der Hoff wrote:


So, apart from reallocating user names/numbers at this late stage, what
dou you recommend using to map across the various systems without my
having to think too hard about it?

What archiving tool are you using to make the backups?


"Tar" allows setting the username and group for the copied data so could
create a dummy user/group (backup/backup) with a differenet UID/GID to be
in charge of all of the backup data between the computers and then pass
that information along with the rutine you use (rsync, tar...) by means
of, for example, "tar --user backup --group backup ...".

On the target system(s) -the one(s) that will contain(s) the backup data-
create different folders to differentiate the source ("/backup/laptop", "/
backup/server", "/backup/vps"...).

We seem to be misunderstanding one another; sorry if I wasn't clear. I do indeed have different directories (Isn't "folder" a windowism?) for each backup, but the files are straight copies, so that I can use them equivalently, whichever machine I'm on.

Rsync does preserve the UID/GIDs correctly, but when I do an ls -l /backup/laptop, the user name is shown in accordance with the UID on the VPS.

To add extra security when using one account for all, you can encrypt the
backups so only the proper users can read/access the data.

I'm not too worried about security, as /backup is only readable by root, and I run the various rsyncs as root, because /backup/laptop/home contains various user directories.

In addition to this, you can also consider "syncing" the files (instead
copying) from one machine to the rest, so yo will only have to care in
one central point.

I think that's what I'm doing :)

It's just a mix of a bunch ideas O:-)

Thanks for your advice.

What I was really hoping to find was some sort of mapping facility that changes UIDs originating from, say, laptop from 1001 to 1003, etc.

Cheers, Tony
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