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Re: HD Data Recovery

On Sat, 08 Oct 2011 17:21:54 +0100, Ad L. wrote:

> Silently seconded. But I guess it's human nature to simply not listen
> until it turns out that was a wrong choice. And plenty never learn
> afterwards either.
> Anyway, on topic:
> Most tools allow you to tell the Linux kernel the amount of sectors,
> heads and cylinders the disk has. It should simply be on the label, and
> some additional information, such as the use of LBA48, which is the case
> for most newer disks.
> If you're too lazy to find a proper backup program etc., put down some
> more money and buy the new harddisk... twice! Attach them on 2 separate
> channels (would be appropriate in the case of IDE disks) and you'll have
> an increased reading speed in the meanwhile.
> Then use Linux' software RAID capabilities to use partitions on both
> disks as a RAID1 array. You may have to use expert install for that. If
> one disk fail in the future, you still have the other one. 

Some would suggest buying the two drives from different manufacturers, so 
that if there's a systematic manufacturing defect (it happens now and 
then) the drives are less likely to fail at the same time.

-- hendrik

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