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Re: how to gather info for reporting problem

On Sat, 08 Oct 2011 17:18:37 -0500, Harry Putnam wrote:

> Attempted to install a full kde setup today but landed in the soup once
> it was done.

I suppose you installed the right pattern for you current running Debian 
system, right? That is, kde-full for "squeeze" if you are running 
squeeze, kde-full for wheezy, if you are running wheezy, etc...

> I just get a black screen with a terminal emulator running, no menus are
> available with mouse clicks or anywhere on the screen in terms of an
> icon.  Just the terminal.  Any apps I open are slapped up into the top
> left corner where the title bar becomes inaccessible.  If I open
> anything else it covers the previous app, then I have two with the one
> under inaccessible.  Can't even be raised back to top.

You mean you were not able to login with your user account (no desktop at 
all, just the command line)?
> So it clear enough something or things are boogered up.

It is still unclear to me at what stage you find right now, so:

1/ If you are left into a tty and no GUI login is possible, try to launch 
"startx" and see what happens.

2/ If you can login with your usual account but things are completely 
messed up, try to create a fresh new user and login with it.

> I want to report what has happened and maybe get a leg up on fixing
> things back up.


I would also post into Debian KDE mailing list:


But provide detailed steps for your actions so that people can give you 
accurate indications.



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