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Re: a quick Q: how to start run a job after another job finished

>> On Thu, 6 Oct 2011 23:12:46 +0800, 
>> lina <lina.lastname@gmail.com> said:

L> I want to run a job after checking another job finished or not, such as
L> another job PID is 5543.  If it's finished then run newjob.sh

   If you own the other process (or you're root) you can use signal 0 to
   verify that it's still alive:

     me% sleep 60 &
     [1] 10175

     me% kill -0 10175                          [$? = 0]

     me% kill -0 10176
     kill: kill 10176 failed: no such process   [$? = 1 or 2]

   Try this:

     pid=5543  # or $1 or whatever
     while kill -0 $pid 2> /dev/null; do
         sleep 60

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