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Re: Where are the installer images for release 5.0.9 of lenny (old stable)

On Sun, 02 Oct 2011 14:45:37 -0400, Ken Heard wrote:

> I want to download the jigdo installer files (*.jigdo and *.template)
> for lenny 5.0.9 which I understand was released on 2011-10-01.  I looked
> all over websites with the word "debian" in the URL but could not find
> them, nor would Google find them for me.
> If such file exist, could someone please let me know the URL from which
> I can download them.


But still points to 5.0.8. 

I'm afraid you will have to wait a bit as you already noted, the 
announcement for 5.0.9¹ was made just a day ago :-)




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