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Re: Wow, Evolution left me with eggs in my face

On Sat, 01 Oct 2011 20:29:59 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:

> Do I need to switch back to Windoof's Thunderbird for Linux, or is there
> any usable Linux Mailer?
> Very cool, I used the undo option from Evolution 3.0.3 and suddenly an
> unfinished mail was send to the Ardours's list, with lots of very stupid
> stuff included. I was going to edit this to something useful ...
> Thought!
> With all the others failures caused by Evolution, I would recommend to
> stop this idiotic project, it only is bad programming ... search folders
> don't work, even the return-key sometimes cause stupid cursor positions
> and latest stroke of genius, to change the kind mails are saved, very
> good. I've got a list of completely idiotic, annoying, time wasting
> things ... please Evolution coders, stop your project! Search the Debian
> archive, when several people and I just upgraded and were not able to
> keep old emails, a long time before the time you switched to another
> kind of mail management ... thank you, thank you, thank you ... for the
> 10,000th time Evolution caused nonsense, that makes me look like a troll
> :D.
> Good work you mother fuckers!

A post like that does not deserve a constructive response. Plonk.

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