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Re: Debian installer dhcp problems

On Wed, 28 Sep 2011 10:04:22 +0200, Niklas Jakobsson wrote:


> I have tried setting the keyword duplicates to both allow and deny
> without any success. 

I think it should be "deny duplicates;" in this case.

> From what I can tell duplicates makes the
> dhcp-server ignore the UID, which is exactly what I want. Am I using it
> wrong or is there some bug here?

Mmm... man page (man 5 dhcp.conf) says this stanza can work with either  
client UID "and/or MAC" address...

Host declarations can match client messages based on the DHCP Client
Identifer option or based on the client's network hardware type and MAC
address. If the MAC address is used, (...)

... okay, so I wonder how can you tell your dhcp server to use the MAC 
address instead the UID to identify the client request because the man 
page does not seem to provide any clue over it :-?

I say this because it seems the client is sending the UID at install time 
but not once the system boots so maybe this is what confuses the dhcp 
server ("same MAC address but differenet UID → give that client another 

> This used to work fine with lenny so assume something has changed with
> the dhcp-client in the installer for squeeze.
> If I can not fix the dhcp-server to behave correctly can I modify the
> initrd to make the dhcp-client in the installer to not send an UID?

There is also the "one-lease-per-client" flag, you could try by setting 
this to "on", although I'm not sure if it will work.



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