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Re: No iceweasel support for google+

Brad Rogers wrote:
> francis picabia wrote:
> > Eventually I'll see it maybe in squeeze.  I can live with running
> Will Iceweasel 5 make it into squeeze?  I didn't think it would get
> anything more than security updates.

Squeeze is already released as Stable 6.0.  Newer Iceweasel versions
could only make it into the *next* Testing release later than 6.0
which is Wheezy (likely 7.0).  You can't change the past.  You can
only change the future.

Stable is by design and intent "stable".  Meaning no changes except
for security fixes.  No radical changes of behavior.  Upgrading the
Firefox browser to a completely different version with radically
different behavior changes is out of scope for a stable release and
can't be snuck in as a security upgrade.  (Although there are rules
allowing for some non-security changes to Stable.)

But Firefox has decided to go to a six week release schedule.  Every
six weeks a new upstream is pushed out.  As long as that is true I
don't think it makes any sense for Firefox to ever appear in a
"released" version of Debian.  The schedules are incompatible.  Trying
to force one into the other is just going to annoy both.  For
Firefox's current release schedule a different model is required.  And
fortunately a different support model has been created for it.

Users using Firefox / Iceweasel should track it outside of Debian
Stable.  Either with Unstable / Testing or with the Debian Mozilla
Team track.  I recommend the Debian Mozilla Team track.  Go to the
Debian Mozilla Team web page here and follow the instructions.


Thanks to the Debian Mozilla Team life is good!


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