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Re: regards the /

On Wed, 21 Sep 2011 21:16:53 +0800, lina wrote:

> To avoid messing up Lisi's post, I started a new one.

Better, thanks to care about that :-)
> What's the acceptable saturation for the / partition,

I always ensure there is at least 10% of free space so the whole system 
can operate smoothly.

> now my one reached 61% (377M of 658, wheezy), another reached 87% (483M
> of 657M, sid)
> only saw it increases, never saw it decreases.

If it increases is because you get new updates and packages :-)

> I followed Camaleón's suggestion, the output of
> cd /
> du -h | grep "[0-9]M" | sort -n -r | less
> the first few ones even reached hundreds of M. 

Are those big figures for files or folders?

> the output of du -h is 34G

Tip: "du -sh" to get the summary the output, but it will be also 
interesting to know what's the result of "df -h" to get the whole picture 
of your system space.

> Sorry I still don't know which files took the partition which / mounted.
> Thanks,
> or maybe I should wait until reached 95% to ask then? (now seems a bit
> earlier ^_^ .)

When you are out of space you will notice (you get a nice warning 
message), don't worry >:-)



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