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Re: Trouble playing DVDs burnt with FFmpeg and dvdauthor on physical DVD players

On Sat, 10 Sep 2011 20:19:34 -0500, Greg Farough wrote:

> Hey, all. I've lately been trying to make backups of files in various
> media formats to DVD, using FFmpeg and dvdauthor. The resulting DVD
> plays excellently on my laptop DVD player with MPlayer and VLC, but
> suffers from incessant skips on the two commercial DVD players (i.e.
> hooked to a television) that I've attempted to play them on. This
> happens with every file and disc that I've tried.
> My process for encoding/burning is this:
> ffmpeg -i test.avi -target ntsc-dvd test.mpg 

No "aspect ratio" here? :-?

> dvdauthor -t test.mpg -o dvd/
> dvdauthor -T -o dvd/
> growisofs -Z /dev/dvd -dvd-video -speed=4 dvd/
> Normally I would imagine that I was simply burning the disc too quickly,
> but 4x seems reasonable, and this doesn't explain why the DVD plays well
> on my laptop. I use single-layer Memorex DVD-Rs, but have also tried
> Verbatim to no avail.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Mmm... more than the speed at which you recorded the media I would think 
some of the encoding options are not of the liking for the commercial DVD 
players, so I'd try to test another variants when preparing the file with 
ffmpeg (use rewritable DVDs to avoid wasting a pile of them :-P)


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