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Re: /usr broken, will the machine reboot ?

Le 07/09/2011 21:33, jacques a écrit :

Now the the question is : will this machine *reboot* properly,
inclufing the network ?

It did !

After reading


%On a server, system data tends to be separate from user data. Programs %that offer services are kept in a different place than the data %handled by this service. Different partitions will be created on such %systems:
%    a partition with all data necessary to boot the machine
%    a partition with configuration data and server programs
% one or more partitions containing the server data such as database %tables, user mails, an ftp archive etc.
%    a partition with user programs and applications
%one or more partitions for the user specific files
% (home directories)
%    one or more swap partitions (virtual memory)LC_ALL=fr_FR.UTF-8

we were pretty confident.

Provided a Rescue disk we issue a 'three finger salute'.

It restarted well, we had to reconfigure some broken locales
(fr_FR.UTF-8) and reinstall *gpm* :) Mysql and bind9.

There is probably some attention to pay to periodics tasks in the next days.

Thanks all for your advices.


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