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Re: XFS frozen when moving file from one project quota to another

On 9/6/2011 1:47 PM, Boris.SANEGRE@agis-sa.fr wrote:


I'm under Debian/Linux 5.0.8. I'm trying to move a file from one project
quota to another one.
XFS freeze.

Hello Boris,

Your question will not be answered on the Debian users list as nobody on this list has the knowledge required to assist you with your XFS issue.

You asked twice on the XFS list before receiving a response. Demonstrate some patience, and you will receive assistance on the XFS mailing list, which is the proper place to receive the help you need. Also, bringing this issue up on any mailing list other than XFS is futile.

Quite often XFS questions are answered one or two days after the original post. Not all are answered the same day, and especially ones demonstrating, for example, a previously undiscovered bug. The developers may be doing research before answering you. There may be other reasons you haven't received a response.

If you are unable to be patient, please buy and install a commercial Linux distribution such as RHEL or SLES, and buy a support contract that guarantees 4-6 hour response time. There are no guaranteed response times, nor a guarantee of a response at all, in the FOSS world.



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