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Re: DO NOT BUY Western Digital "Green" Drives (also present in WD "Elements" external USB cases)

On 06/09/11 15:43, shawn wilson wrote:

On Sep 6, 2011 12:12 AM, "Stan Hoeppner" <stan@hardwarefreak.com
<mailto:stan@hardwarefreak.com>> wrote:

 > Only those who align their partitions correctly to avoid the dreaded
RMW problem, or those whose performance needs are so meager that they
don't realize they suffer the RMW problem.

RMW? I'm not familiar with this term.

I haven't heard it called RMW before.... but I suspect Stan is referring to problems with the new, larger, drive sectors (which can slow systems if the partitions are not aligned properly:-

Of course, we 'could' just wait for Stan to clarify...


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