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Re: In Need of Advice

On 9/5/2011 12:54 PM, RiverWind wrote:
> Hey There,
> I have two computers, a DOS and a Linux box. Now then, I am wanting
> to access my Linux box via my DOS box. I would ultimately like to
> use my Linux box as my sole ISP. I do not believe that using my
> modem in order to dial up my Linux machine would work, but I also
> know that there is such a thing as a "NUL" modem cable???

This is a Female-Female DB9 Serial port cable, the savy make their own,
I prefer to just buy them for a few bucks (I use 3-4 of them currently
to interconnect 5 devices, including my Netgate Firewall, in-case-of LAN
failure for some reason.

The linux box is assumed as Debian? What type of Dos box is this? MSDOS?
FreeDOS? FreeDOS may be a better route or if you are only using this box
for a small subset of tools, try DOSBOX, a *nix "dos" emulator.

> How would you good gentles go about putting such a plan as mine
> into action? In other words, how would you go about accessing a
> Linux machine with a DOS system? Is there any special software?
> Would I have to use a USB port? If I am not mistaken, DOS doesn't
> work with USB ports??? Even more desirable would be the ability to
> use the terminal emulator "Commo" as my means of establishing
> contact between the respective systems.

Just plug the cable in, make sure the DOS BIOS has the COM/DB9 port
enabled, note the irq/memory range. Then just tell Commo to use that
port to communicate.

As for setting it up on your linux box, this link[1] should help you. Be
sure to adapt it for your OS, so variations may need to be applied.

> I would appreciate any and all advice I can get regarding this
> matter, so that I won't need to pay for an ISP when I already have
> one. Thanks so much in advance.

What your aiming for here is 'Serial Console Access' and that would be
some of the keywords you would use to apply your GoogleFu. Obviously,
this is general, apply necessary keywords to supplement your search for

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