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Re: [alsa-devel] No sound on Asus EeePC 1215b (hda-intel)

On Thu, Sep 01, 2011 at 11:18:39AM +0200, David Henningsson wrote:
> On 09/01/2011 12:08 AM, Touko Korpela wrote:
> >On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 10:42:02PM +0200, Clemens Ladisch wrote:
> >>Touko Korpela wrote:
> >>>>No sound is heard (but mixer is not muted).
> >>>>Shouldn't mixer have more channels to adjust?
> >>>
> >>>00:01.1 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc Device 1314
> >>>00:14.2 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) (rev 40)
> >>
> >>Your default sound device is the device that happened to be detected
> >>first, which is your GPU's HDMI output.
> >>
> >>Tell whatever sound configuration tool is used in your distribution to
> >>use the other sound device.
> >
> >Shouldn't that be hidden when HDMI cable is not plugged (like now)?
> I'm working on hiding exactly that at the UI level (gnome/pulseaudio
> level rather than ALSA), but that is a long-term goal and not all
> pieces are into place yet.
> >Does this kind of system work for someone?
> A very similar machine, Asus 1215P [1], was enabled by the team I'm
> involved with, so yes, it definitely works for someone, and it would
> surprise me if it does not work out of the box from an Ubuntu 11.10
> Beta Live-CD even though the link says "pre-install only".
> You could try this terminal command:
> speaker-test -D plughw:SB -c 2 -t sine
> And see if that outputs sound (try both headphones and internal speakers).

I tested that command and it works. Now just have to figure out the right
way to select default sound output device (on Debian). Ideally it should
work automatically.

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