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fvwm problem

One fvwm  feature doesn't work properly for me. I put a post in the
fvwm forum, but the only replies were from the program maintener, and it
works for him. I would like to know if it is the case for Debian fvwm users,
if any.
The problem is with the "Style" command: if I modify the config file,
and issue a fvwm "Restart", the changes are applied immediately for the Title
flag, but not for the others.
For example, if I  have:
       Style "xclock"      NoTitle
   the sclock window has no title, and is not sticky
   if I replace this line by:
       Style "xclock"      Sticky
    and do "Restart", the xclock window gets immediatlely a title, but is still
    not sticky. If I restart xclock, it is now sticky

Pierre Frenkiel

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