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Re: sharing one r/w unix filesystem between different machines and users

Christoph Groth <cwg@falma.de> writes:

> "Lars Maes" <lars.maes@gmail.com> writes:
>> Why not use an UDF filesystem, that is used on DVD discs?
> Indeed, this seems to work well.  It is a better option than VFAT and
> NTFS.  I didn't know that the filesystem of DVDs is also usable for
> rewriteable media, but I have learned that UDF has been designed with
> that in mind, too.  Thanks!

It only works well on a small USB flash drive.  Formatting a 2 TB
external HD with UDF also works, but it's not possible to fill it beyond
2% because of the following bug:
I can observe this bug with kernel 3.0.

So I tried NTFS, but it sucks, because there seems to be no way (other
than sudo) for normal users to mount NTFS filesystems (with ntfs-3g).
Setting the configuration option of the ntfs-3g package to "yes" doesn't

So I'm back to ext2/3/4 again, and as long as I'm using my drive just
for myself everything is fine.

If there are other options for sharing a huge external disk between
different computers (ideally different OSes), such that on Linux
machines non-superusers can modify all files, I'd be glad to hear about


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