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Re: safe remote upload-only access

On Fri, 2 Sep 2011 13:02:14 -0500
rlharris@hal-pc.org wrote:

> What is a good, secure way to give a remote user on a Windows machine
> access to a Debian machine so that he may upload proprietary files
> every few days?
> The Debian machine is behind a router/firewall and has a dynamic ip
> address, but it does have a domain name registered with dyndns.com.
> The Debian machine is not running 24/7; but this is not a problem,
> because the transfer can be coordinated by a telephone call.
> The Windows user should not be allowed to browse the file system of
> the Debian machine.  Giving him an account would allow him to browse
> the entire home directory.
> I have considered rsync, scp, and setting up a ftp server.  My primary
> concern is safety of the Debian host.

First, how big might the files be? Email is an absolutely guaranteed
one-way-only file transfer system, and reasonably reliable through
intermittent connections. I once used email to synchronise a remote web
database to a local master, using a locally-triggered php script on the
remote web server to pull attachments out of an IMAP server and apply
them (after authentication) as SQL insert or update queries to the

If email is not practical, is this of any use?


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