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Re: [OT] SATA 3TB: unsupported sector size -1548812288.

On 8/31/2011 12:54 AM, Scott Ferguson wrote:

NOTE: I got well side-tracked here - I'm don't know whether the OP's
problem is partition table type, sector size (some new drives use large
sectors?) or some other reason.

Yes, quite so. Back on topic, this Red Hat bugzilla entry from May 2009 is informative, also dealing with kernel 2.6.18:

The problem in that case was resolved with a patch that:

"Adds support for 16 byte CDBs to the ibmvscsi driver."

As I already suggested, upgrading the kernel will fix the OP's problem. I simply can't tell the OP how recent a kernel he needs as I don't know which SATA driver he's using or in what kernel version that driver was patched with 16 byte CBDs. Upgrading to 2.6.26, the default Lenny kernel, would probably do the trick. Any Squeeze (2.6.32) kernel would definitely not have this problem.


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