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Re: Upgrading Squeeze to SID

On Mon, Aug 29 2011, SZERVÁC Attila wrote:

> R U a Debian Developer?

> If not, DON'T upgrade to *UNSTABLE* ('sid') distribution. 'sid' is the
> *UNSTABLE*, *very buggy*, *INCONSISTENT* distribution for *Debian
> developers only* - if U want new packages, use Debian Backports or
> *testing* (wheezy).

        I think this might be overdoing the fear, uncertainty, and
 doubt a trifle.  Yes, unstable can be unstable at times. Packages are
 pushed to Sid after testing on the developer box, but little
 integration testing is done, so it is certainly possible that Sid might
 be broken.  In 16 years of running unstable, the number of times when I
 have encountered major breakage can be counted on my fingers (and no
 need to take off my socks).

        I would not call it very buggy or inconsistent, and I don't
 think this should be considered developer only (We do want  technically
 competent people testing Sid, so bugs do not get into testing).

        Sid should be approached with caution, and if you do not feel
 comfortable diagnosing the problem, and looking here or on the dev
 mailing list, or on the bug tracking system for a work around and fixes,
 you should certainly consider testing.

        However, if you are comfortable with Linux, running Sid is an
 option. I have been doing it forever (I do have a laptop, and I only
 upgrade the laptop _after_ a successful upgrade of my devel box, so I
 have at least one working machine)

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