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Re: securing the system, stopping unnecessary services and closing open ports.

Just to clarify my post.
This is a new install and I was a bit careless while installing. It has no data on it. I was more concerned with LUKS+LVM working at install. I did not realize I selected to install SSH, I do not use Samba or NFS not sure how those got installed. Again it might have been an oversight.

On my other system I have SSH setup with fail2ban, and only using pub keys. I was going to setup same config on this system but got sidetracked.

I use postpaid mobile broadband and my IP is both the system address and the gateway. There is no NAT with postpaid service, it's only available with prepaid in Australia. Not sure why.
The only things I need are CUPS and SMTP for Zimbra.

I will disable the rest. I guess I have to use update.rc-d.

There's lot of info here I haven't heard about before. I will go through it and post back.

Kind regards,

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