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sudoers tty defaults (Re: Changing Users in a script)

Tom H wrote:
> Both are set by default.

Just tty_tickets is set by default.  requiretty is off by default.

  $ man 5 sudoers

       tty_tickets     If set, users must authenticate on a per-tty basis.
                       With this flag enabled, sudo will use a file named for
                       the tty the user is logged in on in the user's time
                       stamp directory.  If disabled, the time stamp of the
                       directory is used instead.  This flag is on by default.

       requiretty      If set, sudo will only run when the user is logged in
                       to a real tty.  When this flag is set, sudo can only be
                       run from a login session and not via other means such
                       as cron(8) or cgi-bin scripts.  This flag is off by

Best would be to run 'sudo -l' and see what flags are actually set at
the time.  And remember that /etc/sudoers.d/* is a directory of
additional snippets that are also included into the configuration.

  $ sudo -l


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