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kernel source package with applied patches


I plan to create a source tarball of the Debian Linux kernel with
patches already applied in oder to build a kernel, based on Debian
kernel sources, on other, non-Debian based distros.

As far as I can tell I must do it the following way.

- Download linux-2.6_[version].orig.tar.gz
- Download linux-2.6_[version]-[patchlevel].dsc
- Download linux-2.6_[version]-[patchlevel].diff.gz

- Running dpkg-source -x linux-2.6_[version]-[patchlevel].dsc

This produces the directory linux-2.6-[version]. Patches aren't applied
yet and can be found at the subdirectory debian/patches.

To apply the patches I run

- fakeroot debian/rules source

Now I can see that the patches are applied. According to
http://kernel-handbook.alioth.debian.org/ch-common-tasks.html the
patched kernel source is now at debian/build/source. So all I must do
is to create a tarball of that subdirectory. Am I correct so far?



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