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Re: Transplanting old System to New Drive

>>>>> Martin McCormick <martin@x.it.okstate.edu> writes:


 > If I use dd to copy the 10-gig drive over to the new drive as in:

 > dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb bs=20M

 > it works when I remove the old screamer drive, change the jumper on
 > the new drive to Master and boot but this is not very efficient as it
 > wastes almost 6 gigs of drive.

	It's possible to dd(1) just the filesystem (partition) instead
	of the whole disk.

	Moreover, the filesystem can be downsized prior to that with
	resize2fs(8), thus the destination partition may be smaller than
	the source one.

	Or, the destination may be created with the same size, dd(1) is
	performed, the filesystem (on destination) downsized, and then
	the destination partition downsized as well.

	Also, I'd recommend using GPT on the destination, even if the
	source uses MBR.  (Using gptsync(8) if BIOS lacks support for


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