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How to get cedet working in emacs?

I am trying to follow instructions on
http://alexott.net/en/writings/emacs-devenv/EmacsCedet.html to get
variable completion and other nifty stuff working in Emacs in Debian
Testing. Unfortunately, no success yet. It appears that some things are
broken or not in their older placed due to the recent integration of
Cedet with emacs ... or I could be just doing it wrong.

The link above describes invoking some semantic-* commands.  So far, I
have been successful in getting a buffer listing the possition
completions. However, I don't appear to have the command to get a menu
listing the various suggestions (I have only
semantic-ia-complete-symbol, and not semantic-ia-complete-symbol-menu).

Has somebody got this auto-code-completion stuff working in 23.3.x
emacs? If yes, could you share the emacs config file please.



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